Credentialing Service:

For our medical providers and their practice, participating in managed care plans is critical in order to prosper and grow.

Effective credentialing takes time and effort; however the benefits clearly outweigh the costs.

Assured Medical Billing can help you get your credentials.

With Assured Medical Billing, you will have access to the top insurance companies. Our credentialing department has a wealth of knowledge and has established relationships with numerous insurance companies.

While we are working to set up your credentials, we also can work on getting the billing set up electronically for your office.

Our Credentialing Service includes:

  • Obtaining Government plan provider numbers
  • Private plan application and renewal management
  • Establishing and maintaining a relationship with commercial plans
  • Updating information with Government and commercial health plans
  • Enroll provider with any new health plans
  • Establish and maintain provider credentials database files
  • Obtain and maintain all provider identifier numbers
  • Obtain and maintain all provider National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers

If you need help with your credentials, whether you have an established practice or are a startup practice, please give us a call today.

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